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General information

The adapter has unique firmware, and the wiring cables differ from one AC brand to another. Therefore, check whether the air conditioner and adapter labels match before installing it. So, buy Dropair according to the specified manufacturer AC you have.

Before installing it, make sure the switches aren’t plugged in.The temperature set for the adapter’s nest would vary from the actual thermostat of your air conditioner. So, you will have to check out the thermostat.

The general setup guide 

It is a general guide, so you can follow these steps regardless of your AC type. Let’s, start with the steps of installation.

  • Adapter near the original thermostat

The indoor unit of the ACs gets installed to the ceiling. Normally everyone is aware that thermostats are mostly installed below the ceiling. If you don’t want the adapter to get visible, then there is something you can do. You can hide the adapter behind or beneath your AC’s original thermostat.

  • Adapter near the smart thermostat

However, there is another way to install it as well.

For this, you can take its original thermostat to the ceiling where your AC is already installed. But make sure the smart thermostat stays back at the same place below the ceiling, on the wall. So, you shall place the adapter behind this thermostat, or even you can place it aside from the thermostat.   

  • Unable to modify communication cable

One thing to keep in mind is that if you cannot modify the indoor unit’s communication cable to CAT6 cable, what to do? For such a scenario, you can move the original thermostat up to the ceiling wall near the mounted indoor unit AC. Similarly, take the adapter as well to the ceiling. So, only the smart thermostat is on the wall.

  • No modification of the communication cable and no access to the power supply

What if you come across a scenario where you cannot modify the communication cable of an indoor unit? Also, if you can’t find the power supply for the smart thermostat, then what can you do? In such a situation, you can typically use the master-slave communication for the circuits. Hence, one of those circuits would behave as a master, that is, a controller. It would control the external circuits.

Smart Device

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The step-by-step installation for Dropair Dubai

1.      Configure the compatibility test

Every manufacturer of AC has some unique specifications. Hence, these specs are responsible for their compatibility with the different adapters. Similarly, there are some connections that you have to use, no matter what brand of AC you have.

  • Power supply with two connections
  • An installed smart thermostat with the Air conditioner
  • Power supply with a voltage between 100 Volts to 220 Volts.
  • A special connector for connection with 568B RJ45
  • A connection for the indoor unit of the Air conditioner
  • According to the compatibilities, match the adapter with your air conditioner’s compatibility.

2.      Installation set up

  • Power on your air conditioner and check its thermostat. Monitor the thermostat to see if your air conditioner system is properly functional.
  • The following step is safety-controlled. You shall get to your house’s electrical circuit panel to locate the breaker for the air conditioner. You should turn the breaker off to prevent any hazards from happening. Then, you should ensure that the AC’s original thermostat works properly.
  • Further, move to the electrical connections. You will come across the power cable of the adapter. So, connect the live and neutral wires to the ports. The wires usually come in three types. One type includes a set of wires. The other type is just one strand of wire. The third type is a tubular terminal. The torque for the wires bounds with 0.4N meter torque. You shouldn’t exceed this amount of force.
  • The adapter usually comes with the power of AC 24, and it would supply the same power to the smart thermostat.
  • In a nest thermostat, when the indoor unit only provides a power supply to the adapter, you come across the interface of EME. Hence the nest doesn’t allow for an output signal. Rather, you will have to place a transformer to solve the problem.

So, the experts suggest you refrain from taking the power supply from the indoor unit. This type of connection would always result in an EME interface, and you should avoid it from happening. If the indoor unit has a higher capacity, it contributes to more risks associated with the EME interface. To establish a better connection, you shall take the power supplies of the indoor ac unit and the adapter from different means. For example, take the supplies from different types of short circuit devices.

3.      Connecting to HVAC equipment

When your indoor air conditioner unit comes with its original remote controller, you cannot remove it. Removing the remote controller is possible if the adapter you are installing comes with a similar connector on its PCB circuit design.

The adapter syncs the smart thermostat with the device’s original remote controller. So, no matter how much you try to change the thermostat from its remote controller, it always follows the state of a smart thermostat.

Sometimes, you want something other than the original remote controller. So, you can hide it somewhere, like on the ceiling, etc. Once your AC connects to the smart thermostat, the original remote controller loses its ability to control. Rather, it would only behave as an actuator or something that can sense and monitor the working of an indoor unit. Along with that, the original remote controller would detect any fault that occurred in the system. Then you can check for the error code through the ac manual. Hence, the closed-loop system of the original remote controller works smoothly.

4.      Wired and wireless solution

There are two types of connections for Dropair wholesale in Dubai. One is the wired solution, and the other one is wireless. Both the circuits appear alike, but you can see some major differences; in the wired type, you can see the outdoor unit cable connecting to the dropair. On the other hand, in wireless solutions, the IR signals work.

The sender could send signals to the receiving end at the original thermostat with the IR signals. However, the area of communication of signals should be bounded by 10cm without any obstacle or hindrance between both ends of the communication.  


Smart Device

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5.      Multiway uses

Other than installing the adapter to only an air conditioner, you can use it for other devices. For example, use it for boilers, ventilators, etc.

6.      Connecting the adapter with the smart thermostat

Now, you have to take the cable and connect the adapter to the smart thermostat (AC24). To establish this connection, you need a CAT6 cable. Also, use the RJ45 connector.

  • Power on 

This adapter comes with two indicator lights.

  • Red light 

The red light is for the status of AC24. Once the light turns on, it is a sign that you have to check the power supply for the adapter. If the light is static, the system is working well. If the red light starts blinking, it is a sign that the system is malfunctioning.

  • Greenlight

The green light is for the input signal of the nest. If the light blinks, the adapter isn’t receiving any input. At the same time, the static light reflects its operational mode. The green light always turns on if the thermostat is part of a system cooling or heating.

  • Blue light

Adapters that come with wired systems have a blue indicator light. The blue light is an indication that its indoor units work properly.

7.      Testing the adapter and the smart thermostat

When you power the supply for the adapter, the red lights would pop up and become static. On the other hand, the green light would continuously blink. If the air conditioner has a wired circuit, first connect the RJ45 connector to the adapter. Then you will have to connect a cable to the original thermostat. Hence the original thermostat turns on and works properly. It is a sign that the adapter well connects to the indoor unit of ac.

To control the indoor unit’s thermostat, then use the nest thermostat. With this approach, you can test the speed of the fans. If it malfunctions, look for the CAT6 cable or the connector installed.

Dropair solutions for the different manufacturers of ACs

Only a few manufacturers are described below. 

·        Daikin 

For the split ACs of Daikin, you won’t find connectors called P1 P2. However, if it comes with an S403 connector in its PCB board, you can use the adapter for the AC.

·        Samsung

If the Samsung split AC comes with RC, then you should connect the adapter’s ports with the original cable and remote controller. ACs without RC circuits get a different type of solution. Such ACs don’t come with wired remote controllers.

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·        LG

The latest models of LG split ACs come with master and slave designs. Hence, it comes with two remote controllers. Further, it is up to your choice which solution you choose; wired or wireless.

For the wired solution, you will have a three-wired remote controller. Hence this controller acts as a slave in the master-slave configuration.


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·        Trane

For CN10 solution

Take off the wired remote controller connected to the system.

P10 solution

If the original remote controller already connects to the p10 port of the connector, you can apply the solution for the case.

·        Panasonic

Connect port 9 of the adapter to port B of the remote controller. Also, connect port 10 of the adapter to port A of the remote controller.

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·        Gree

Connect the cable from port 7 of the adapter to the port H1 of the remote controller. Then you must do the same for port 8 by connecting it to the H2 port.

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·        Hisense

Do this configuration.

Connect the cable from port 7 of the adapter to port A of the remote controller. Also, do the same for port 8 by connecting it to port B of the remote controller.

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·        Haier 

When the indoor unit has a 2-wire remote controller, the adapter ports 7 and 8 connects with port p1 and p2 of the original remote controller.

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The AC and alternate Heat mode

In such a situation, you must use the air conditioner’s heat pump to supply heat. So, purchase the dropair mini6s Dubai. The AC comes with two fans, and it doesn’t allow users to change the speed of the fans as it is auto-operated.

·        Ecobee thermostat

To use this thermostat, first, visit its homepage for setup. Then, you would connect the cable CAT6 to the thermostat. The American standards often call these thermostats Control Aprilaire. Thus, it works with a Dropair adapter and lets the two fans function properly.

·        Tuya thermostat

The 2-pipe type thermostat would work for cool mode; similarly, the 4-pipe type works for both heat and cool modes.

·        Lutron palladiom

It includes multiplexers. So, for the best settings of the thermostat, set both EC and CO to 01 configurations.

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How to troubleshoot Dropair?

Power off the Nest thermostat configuration. Now, you will have to turn the original AC thermostat on if you see blue, a light that lightens and then becomes dim. It will eventually turn off. Next, something must be fixed if you cannot turn the original thermostat on. Whether you made the wrong connections or the firmware might not have compatibility with AC.

Once you turn off the nest system and find the adapter’s green light still powered on, you must check it out. As soon nest adapter works the cooling function and its light is on, check the RJ45 and CAT6 cable connection.

Also, check the network cable you are using.

After every cooling cycle, if the nest restarts, then it is the CAT6 cable malfunctioning.

Experts prevent you from taking the original thermostat off when the system is in the nest. If any error code appears, you should restart the indoor unit AC.

If the problem still needs to be solved, contact the professionals at Galaxysmarthome. 

A solution to the EMC issue

In a scenario when the indoor unit supplies the power supply to the adapter, then the EMC interface is a common thing to observe. Eventually, it will prevent the nest thermostat from producing an output signal. You would then make the nest thermostat restart.

When the nest thermostat works, check for the green blinking light of the Dropair adapter. 

The adapter and indoor unit communicate strongly if the system has a cable connection. Hence, it proves a good functioning system. However, when you power on the AC’s original thermostat, the other thermostat shuts down.

So, you can restart the thermostat by selecting reset and restart. If there were an issue, then it would get solved. Similarly, the action of plug-in and plug-out of the RJ45 also helps restart the nest thermostat.


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